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تنها شانس زنده ماندن اين صدا با رسيدن کمکهاي مالي شماست.کمک مالي شما تنها منبع درآمد اين صداست


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“Dr. Allah Nazar Fund”

Aug 24, 2005

Dear Friends,

On the behalf of BSO-NA, I’m going to create and establish a fund In the name of our Hero Dr. Allah Nazar, as “Dr. Allah Nazar Fund”. The monies donated and collected in this fund will solely be used for his treatment rehabilitation and full recovery, to save his life.  The following Friends will volunteer to collect the donations from their respective areas and eventually all the monies will be pooled to use for his treatment. Please donate generously as much as you can and ask your friends and the well off brothers to spare some for this great cause, to save Dr. Allah Nazar's life before it is too late.  I hope every body will participate in this important humanitarian cause. If anybody wants to volunteer please let me know and I will add his or her names in the list. Thank you all for your support. Again, lets not forget about Goher Jaan Baloch, Akhtar Nadeem Baloch, Jan Mohammad Marri , Ali Asghar Baloch (Who's Kids are on Hunger Strike for many days in front of Quetta press Club, for the release of their Dad) and many other detainees, who are still behind bars and are being tortured in Pakistani Jails. We will continue our struggle for their release. Thank you and best  regards.  Dr. Wahid Baloch, BSO-NA, USA.

Please Contact following Volunteers to Donate for "Dr. Allah Nazar Fund".

In Balochistan:

1. Senator Sana Baloch <>

2. Dr_Imdad Baloch <>

3. Shahid Baloch <>

4.Zafar Bashir <>

In Gulf States:

1. Waja Ameeri Jaan Baloch, <>

2. Iqbal Wali <>

3.Nissar hoath <>

4.juma'h khan baloch <>,

In Sweden:

1. Waja Masoud Jaan Baloch, <>

2.Nasser Boladai <>

In London:

1. Samad Baloch <>

2. Dr. Naseer dashti Dashti<>

3. Walid Garboni <>

4. Shabir Baloch" <>

In Moscow:

1. Dr.jumma Marri <>

In Switzerland:

   1. Shaukat Baloch <

In Germany:

1. Ms. Sunaina Baloch, PhD <>


1. Dr. Malek Towghi  <>

2. Dr. Wahid Baloch   <

3. Nabi Baloch <>

4. Rashid Baloch  <>

5. Kamber Baloch  <>

6. Lal Gehi  <>

In Canada

1.Aziz Baloch <>

2. Sheh Mureed <>

3. Nazir Ahmed Baloch Canada <

RE: Urgent Appeal to save Allah Nazar's Life.

Dear Friends,

Dr. Allah Nazar's life is most important than anything else right now and before it is too late, we must do Some thing about it to save his life. I ask all our Baloch friends in Balochistan to do whatever is Possible to get him out of Jail and then someone Please bring him to me in United States for full Treatment and recovery. I'll bear all the expenses of his treatment including the plane tickets, logging and boarding. If anybody wants to help me out in this regard, they are most welcome to do so and it will be greatly appreciated. They can donate to " Dr. Allah Nazar’s Fund". by contacting me (in North America), Dr. Imdad Baloch (In Pakistan), Br. Ameeri (in Gulf States), And Br. Shabir or Garboni or Br. Samad Baloch (in Uk, Europe). We must act now before it is too late. Please !!!. Thank you. Shome kaster, Dr. Wahid Baloch, BSO-NA, USA.


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