Gueiová colidiu geléia, shoaling ficou com o ouro: Desclassificação caberia

temporada indoor levou Zuzana Hejnová como a diversificação e uma boa preparação para o verão, o fim do Campeonato Europeu Indoor em Belgrado, vai trazer a primeira medalha individual do evento de topo sob o telhado. Duas vezes campeão mundial

The brewery believes that Pilsen is using great experience against Razgrad

Coach Roman Pivarnik believes that Pilsen players in the fourth leg of the Champions League with Razgrad will use the rich experience of the cups and the recent Euro in France. Before the Wednesday duel in Bulgaria, the 42-year-old coach

Vikings on retreat. What is happening with football Norway?

The Czech team may have problems in qualifying matches with Nora but will undoubtedly be a favorite of paper. Even in the 1990s, the proud North Koreans paid a respected, respected selection that even climbed to the second place of

Poprad smashed comfortably Zvolen: It was decided in the first third

POPRAD – The lukewarm ice-hockey game was played under the Tatra Mountains. Elected to the middle, the “chamois” was comfortable and held the puck mostly klađenje uživo na tenis on their sticks. Kroták prepared for Mlynarovič’s first chance, but his

He was in Toronto, and he was really spoiled with Wawrink

TORONTO – The world’s first tennis player Rafael Nadal advanced to the 3rd round of the Masters series in Toronto. Against Swiss Wawrinka, however, Spaniel was troubled and won the first set even after the longest tiebreak of his career,

Hantuch has fired Arvidsson and is in 3rd round!

MELBOURNE – Slovak tennis player Daniela Hantuchova moved to 3rd Round of Singles at the opening grandslam event of the Australian Open season in Melbourne. Hantuch in the fourth round of the 2nd round of the match with the Swedish

Campeões coroados eslovacos primeiro sob a linha, Csölley: emitimos o máximo

Oberstdorf – patinadores eslovacos ensaio Federica e Lukáš Csölley no sábado, 83/100 ponto de não obter um assento nos Jogos Olímpicos de Inverno de 2014 em Sochi. Após a dança livre no as qualificações Olímpicos na Alemanha Oberstdorf ocupam uma

Greipel Wins the Criterion Before Tour Down Under, Juraj Sagan 32.

ADELAIDE – Cycling Criterion before Tour Down Under in Australia won Nemec Andre Greipel from the team of Lotto Belisol on Sunday. The winner of the 51-kilometer course has pulled the rivals at the end without any problems, and indicated

Superman? Only a skier with a goal on the head. That was a fucking ride, laughing

When he braked at the finish, he knocked his wands in the snow and tried to pull the orange flap of his helmet, tangled in his glasses. It was not at all possible. After all, the piece of cloth had

Sparta won a hunt for the Tigers. The record O2 arena was again the fifth song

That would make it a nice Christmas-New Year habit? Sparta between the holidays in three home games won three times and scored three goals three times. The modern Libeňská hall was the favorite song Fifth, whose fifth goal on the